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Breakfast with the Horses

Quick Details

Person Ages 7+

Have breakfast with the horses!

There is so much more to enjoy about horses than just riding them. Come join us for Breakfast at Juckas Stables. The first thing we’ll do is walk out in our fields to meet the horses. They are a curious bunch and one by one they’ll come over to meet you and see what we’re doing there. We’ll hang out with the horses getting to know them until it’s time for them to go in for breakfast. Once they are in the barn eating it’ll be our turn to enjoy a simple breakfast while we share about the history of Juckas Stables.

More Info

Please dress for the weather. The grass will be wet so bring your rubber boots or a change of shoes. We recommend long pants and closed toe shoes. NO Sandals allowed. You can choose to bring carrots or apples to feed at breakfast time in the buckets but customer safety and to help our horses maintain their good behavior we don’t allow hand feeding.

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