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Volunteer Opportunities at Juckas Stables

People often ask to volunteer at Juckas Stables and since there is no shortage of work at our farm we are always appreciative of a helping hand. At this time we can offer Volunteer opportunities to adults only.

We accept two types of volunteers. Those that come on special occasions for big work projects and those that are looking to commit to 3 months or more at a regularly scheduled time.

Some examples of Volunteer work at Juckas Stables

  • Fence Maintenance
  • Trail Maintenance
  • Camp Volunteer
  • Weekend Assistants
  • Special Projects

Currently, we have no volunteer opportunities for youth. However, we are currently working on finding a way to accommodate volunteer opportunities for youth under 18. If you have a child 13 years old or older interested in volunteering contact Pam Juckas for more information at