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Wrangler In Training

Quick Details

Duration: Two lesson days | weekend barn duty
Schedule: Friday 3:45pm and Saturday 8:00am
Ages: 14-16
What to bring: Come prepared for lessons on Friday and Saturday. On weekends bring lunches and snacks.

$75 per Week
Person Ages 15-17

Become a WIT at Juckas Stables

Our WIT program (Wrangler In Training) is open to Juckas Riding Stables campers that have participated in 4 or more weeks of camp. Candidates must meet the minimum age requirement, fill out an application and possess a thorough understanding of how to safely work around and ride a horse. Candidates must be accepted into this program.

Once accepted into the program WIT’s can expect to help with all aspects of stable chores including feeding, grooming, tacking, cleaning, leading horses, assisting in games and assisting with customers. This is an opportunity to learn valuable work skills while enjoying the pleasure of horses and the camaraderie at the barn. WIT’S will have private lessons Fridays and Saturdays and have optional barn duty weekends where they will do normal barn chores and get to tail some rides to help improve their skills and instill a good work ethic.

Applicants should have a genuine desire to assist with campers and increase their knowledge of working with horses.

Download the WIT Registration and email back to